Well, at least I found out

Yesterday was quite a day. Went into work in the morning to let one of my crappier employees go. Ended up firing him and three good employees. So that's a total of four employees, right? Well I only had seven. So now I'm down to three. Completely out of my hands, but still totally shitty. Then, of course, I found out from the University of Chicago, and I didn't get in.

Talk about getting kicked when I was down.

So this of course means that I'm working all weekend and quite a bit next week before I go to Hawaii, that's assuming I still get to go. I should know by Monday if I'm going to be able to get enough help at my store to be able to go. So much for having a nice relaxing two week break from school.


I just wanna know

I should hear back from the University of Chicago today or tomorrow. I'm going to be majorly disappointed if I don't get in, but it'd be nice to know.

Sarah has decided that she would like to leave the country, which makes me want to get into U of C even more, since I could go overseas for grad school. I'm leaning towards the University of Edinburgh or the London School of Economics. I don't really want to live in London, but it is a crazy good school.

I took my last final yesterday morning, as far as I know I kept the 4.0 for one more semester. Sweet. Two classes this summer, microeconomics and calc 2. I'm seriously a giant nerd. How am I celebrating my break? Going to the bookstore today to buy a book on economics that I can read while I'm flying to Hawaii.

Oh yeah, Hawaii. I'm going out to Hawaii for some national guard work. 13.5 hours in the back of a cargo plane. Thankfully, at least on the way there we're splitting it into two days. Which is also nice because of the way travel pay works-that's definitely some extra cash because of the extra time. Nonetheless, out of the 16 or 17 days I'll be gone, 4 of those will probably be spent in travel.

As the last piece to my ramblings, I've decided to start posting my writings on this blog. Unfortunately, most of my writings as of late have been about economics, which will probably fail to excite anybody. I would like to try and interest some new people to the subject, so if you see something a little dreary come up, read it and let me know what you think.


Proceed and Be Bold

Here's a new film from Laura Zinger, one of my friends from Starbucks. She interviewed my dad for the film, which means everybody should go see it or buy it when it comes out.


Thoughts on the Presidential Candidates

Don't ask me why I feel the need to post what I think (since nobody actually gives a shit), but hey, what the hell? As we move into the year of election and the campaigning moves into full swing, I present you with the Conor selection for president: Dennis Kucinich. He's the happy, crazy dude, which helps, but he's the only candidate with any real progressive cred. Moving on to my second (and slightly more realistic) choice: John Edwards. Out of the more mainstream candidates, he's the only with any real notions towards fixing our messed up country. I am not such a fan of the two dominant candidates, Obama or Clinton. I don't think either of them really have anything to offer than the same typical corporate politico nonsense.

Well, that's my short and sweet. Perhaps I will follow this up with some more specific feelings on real policies that the different candidates espouse, however, seeing as the new semester starts next Monday, I don't know how much of anything I'll be doing that is not either school or work.

Good night and good luck,



After the Master Chief post, I figured I should update the blog as to what is going on these days. Just finished up the fall semester, as far as I can tell I've managed to maintain my 4.0...sweet. Maybe this means I can manage to apply to something a little fancier than UIC. I would love to apply to U of I in Champaign, but I don't really want to move down there. I'm thinking of applying to a couple of fancy schools, just on the off chance that I could get accepted. I'm pretty sure that they wouldn't accept any of my military credits, though, which would set me back a little bit, but only in the realm of electives and a couple science classes. I'm sure I could deal with what little credit I got for it, I'd just have to do some recalculating.

The family is good, everybody is getting ready for the holidays. The wee ones are growing up as fast as every, they're both quite the chatterbugs. Sarah is getting ready to start doing pre-school with Violet, so I've decided to interview for manager at Starbucks. I'm quite excited about the potential, it should make for a new adventure and hopefully a better work environment. And, of course, a better paycheck.

I think that's about it, I hope everyone has a nice holiday season.


Too cool to pass up.

A present from the wonderful students at MIT. I give you Master Chief John Harvard, founder of Harvard and nemesis of the covenant.


Once a Month

So I figured I should at least pretend to update this thing. I'm going off to tech school to learn how to play with chemicals in just over two weeks. I'm very not excited to be away from the fam, but the money will be nice. Sarah's going to take the kids down to Aunt Teri's house and come spend some of the time with me, though the accomodations I'll be in have not been seen yet.

I had to drop a couple of my classes since I'm leaving so soon and I'm taking a couple of online/independent study courses. It's quite fun to really be taking classes again. I really want to figure out how to get Sarah into a class at least once per semester, but we're not quite there yet. Once I'm back from tech school and we're actually a little bit more settled I'm hoping that we can manage it. Being back in school on a regular basis is really cool, though the work/school/family balance is still a work in progress.

I think that's probably all I have right now, I need to read some history for an assignment that's due tomorrow.


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